About The Blog
January 22, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    Objectives of the Blog
  • Health - Aside from food for special occasions or splurges, each dish I make is lightened wherever it is possible without sacrificing flavor. While some dishes are healthier than others, every recipe comes with nutritional information for the appropriate portion size.

  • Price and Availability- As much as I might love expensive and exotic ingredients, for the sake of keeping my costs down you will not see ingredients like shaved truffles or saffron very often, if ever. The vast majority of ingredients are also available from large grocery chains, or an affordable common ethnic market. I will try and suggest cheaper or frozen items when they will suffice. Many of these recipes were made in a 3.5 foot by 8 foot kitchen before we moved, and the most exotic food tool I will reference might be a food processor. These recipes are possible in any kitchen with any cook.

  • Quality- Every meal and item may not be gourmet, but every recipe strives to be at least a step above an everyday food. As a result, some meals may be time consuming, but there are also many meals that are simple and easy.

  • Dietary preferences- The recipes contained in this blog will of course be based on my own culinary preferences and eating choices. As a result it will contain little red meat (since I eat it rarely), many posts will be based on vegetables and alternative proteins, and there will be some incorporation of ideas of sustainability and seasonality. Each recipe will also observe basic kosher concerns and so will contain no strictly treif ingredients, and each dish will be classified as meat, milk, or pareve.

    Functionality of the Blog
  • All recipes have been cooked and photographed by me. Each post will have pictures and a recipe I borrowed or created/adapted myself. Any posts containing only reviews, comments, or personal items will be placed behind a cut, to maintain the focus of the blog.

  • I will attempt to respond promptly to all comments in postings and direct emails. I will attempt to post as regularly as I can. Any long breaks or vacations will be announced with an estimated time that I will be back to posting.

  • If you would like to use any of my recipes or ideas, you have my permission as long as you clearly credit my blog, and a link to the post on my blog would be appreciated. My photography however is my property, copyrighted, and cannot be used. The name "The Hungry Fruit Bat™" is also trademarked.

  • This web site is developed and maintained by my husband, Micah Neumark.

  • The beautiful banner art was designed by my friend and graphic designer Samantha Krause.

  • The wonderful favicon was designed by my friend and artist Pearl Hodges.

  • The photography on this site is taken by me on a Canon Rebel XSi. I currently use no other special equipment or lighting, aside from the occasional tripod use.

  • Questions or comments about the site or any technical difficulties should be directed to hungryfruitbat@gmail.com. Questions or comments about a recipe should be left directly on the relevant blog post.
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